Voix De Literati

The Literary Society of IIITD

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This is the official site of Voix de Literati (LitSoc@IIITD)

We are a group of writers, readers, poets, debaters, speakers and philosophers (You have to be a philosopher to procrastinate)

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Our Focus


From Debates to Extempores to Group Discussions, we keep people talking!

Book Club

A Book Lover's delight. We hold multiple Book meets to discuss our favorites with fellow bookworms

Prose and Poetry

“If you have the words, there's always a chance that you'll find the way.” -Seamus Heaney

Lit Quizzes

For all the Grammar Nazis and Literature nerds out there. Show them how it's done!


Poetry Events

Poetry Recital    January, 2015

Poetry Workshop(Kaafiya)    October, 2015

Poetry Recitation    January, 2016

Debating Events

Fresher's Debate 2014    August, 2014

Fresher's Debate 2015    August, 2015

Book Meets

Book Meet    April, 2015

Book Meets(2)  Aug-November, 2015

Book Meets(2)  Jan-March, 2016

Offline Events

Panel Discussion    August 15, 2015
Group Discussion    September, 2015
Movie Marathon    December, 2015
Republic Day Speech    January, 2016
Just A Minute    February, 2016
Grammar Nazi    March, 2016

Other Literary Festivals

Jaipur Literature Festival Trip - January, 2016